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Retail Investors and even the common American with money in the Market (401k) likes to do some trading on their own because it is fun. We have built real time scanning software that calculates every main stream technical indicator out there in realtime. A user can select the assets or securities they want the system to monitor, then select the conditions they want alerts sent to their phone via SMS (encrypted). When they receive an alert, by replying yes the system can place the trades immidiately, or they can go to thier platform of choice and place the trade. The lite version has about ten alerts to chose from and detailes on how each one works by the numbers. WE want YOU to win! To get early access, use the calendar link below to schedule an onbording meeting or ask more information about TEXT2INVEST. Take emotions and risk out of trading....


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And retail investors that want to take the power back! Bulls on Parade


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