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Code St Louis was born building Robotic Process Automation across many industries from oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing and now laser focused on financial automation. We build custom software and white label products that are founded in math to alert for technical setups.

Small to medium Wealth Advisor firms or individual portfolio managers can weight the indicator set ups with their traditional knowledge of these Technical Strategies. Our products and services are designed to help predict price movements across several exchanges by scanning for proven and specific chart patterns and divergance in price vs indicators. We have exclusive contracts with financial institutions because we produce results. Our data is real time and calculated on our algorithms. The ability to trade via API with precision at perfect entry points and calculate real time risk is invaluable.

The Revolution in the Financial Industry has arrived...

Robotic Trading Automation

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Function's that can be added immediately to your trading capabilities & Insight

US Stock Exchange Technology

Proprietary Automated scanning and alerting of 3 US Stock Exchanges based on Technical Indicators and company performance - NASDAQ | NYSE | ARCA. 3 crypto Exchanges with the same capabilities Coinbase | Binance | Gemini. As a client you can gain access to more proprietary tools in the name of robo trading and technical analysis.

Speed of Technical Analysis

Our technical analytical (mathematical) algorithms are local so no API to call in order to calculate SMA, EMA, RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands. This allows us to scan about 6000 Stocks and Assets, then send a technical report in about 5 minutes or less directly to a user’s phone or dashboard on demand

Advanced Trading Strategies

We love techical indicators, but its hard to program the art of trading. We have focused to ensure our strategies include classic, proven pillars that represent the art. The first classic trading strategy capability we built in was risk management. 1% per risk per trade and 3:1 risk ratio. Another early feature most traders can relate to is Divergence. We can spot divergence in a second between many indicators but specifically RSI and Price.

CSTL Retains Exclusive Partnership

Our team has worked hard over the years to partner with the right companies in order to gain access to some of the most powerful APIs in the business. Some we have nondisclosure's with but are all in the realm of financial institutions that create software to automate exchange actions and encryption capabilities.

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Building Software is Our Thing

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What makes us different

  • Repository of Code

    80% of an app has the same basic parts, Login workflow, forms, messaging, file upload etc. We have piles of boiler plate code to get your Application up and running (about 100 repositories of code)

  • We Build Cloud Native

    This allows us to take advantage of Enterprise level functionality out of the box. Such as Machine learning, top level security, fast server scaling to with stand spikes in traffic

  • Enterprise Experience

    Our team has decades of experience working in the enterprise arena in many different fields including Defense contracts. This gives us a deep level of understanding the issues with legacy systems and the pain points most enterprise companies face day to day

  • Processing, Fintech & Crypto

    Our financial automation tools are built for speed, reliability and dead accurate to the 8th decimal point if need be

  • Security

    Security is on of the most important metrics. Some tactics we use is frequently change out live API keys at random or any sense of nefarious activity, Timestamp within milliseconds of a call from server to server or it becomes an invalid API call and NO passwords to log in. You are messaged a onetime use code

  • We Care

    What drives Code St Louis is to watch our customers succeed. Being a team of mostly Veterans, we know what it means to sacrifice for others and complete the mission

Code St. Louis Robotic Trading Automation

You Cannot Time the Market but a Computer Can!

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