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Code St Louis is passionate about staying up to date with the new Tech stacks coming out seemingly monthly. We are an experienced team of software developers that know how to deliver full Enterprise solutions. If you need a new integration, a digital transformation, upgrade existing software, build a new application its more cost effective to bring in a team like Code St Louis that simply delivers the desired solution. Hiring and spinning up a dev team is not always easy, time consuming and the recruiting fees alone are budget busting. Utilizing SAFe Agile methodology, Code St Louis ensures we are under budget, on time and and communicate clear road maps. If you have an existing development team but need a shift, from a developer, let them keep sprinting on what they know .

In example, your DevOps is terrible and there is all these new tools to make deployments repeatable, reliable, tested that ensure your customers are not disrupted. The answer usually is "Lets hire a DevSecSpecOps guy, 10 years experience." An alternative solution would be to call Code St Louis, we will build a true Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery pipeline, train your development team (because once finished not much to maintain) and be done, no more DevOps problems instead of hunting for 3 months to find a person that might build you one..

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Dont be anchored down by technology, impeding the productivity of your current money maker - business. Technology, Automation, new revenues streams all can increase productivity and ultimately your bottom line, but if you are not a technology company, trying to build these necessities in today's world, will hinder your workforce from top to bottom as business.

Unfortunately you have to have technology, you have to keep up with it and you also have to do what it is your company does - Keep your customers Happy
If you make pizza and deliver them, do that. Trying to spin up an internal team to build a delivery app or integrate the POS system with a tracking system is costly and usually not efficient because you are a restaurant not a software development company . Suddenly everyone is making excuses "Well when the new delivery app is finished this will be so easy" Ok, after you find the developers, get them to understand what you want - half of them wil have left already because of recruiting poaching (that's real), the budget set will be blown and the app still wont work right.

We Deliver Solutions, Like you Deliver Pizza
Healthcare thrives on technology, they have to have an internal dev team and software to monitor data, patients, billing eccetera. Think though, to have that team switch to what they are maintaining, building or adding to already cost money and internal knowledge When the business needs a new platform, application or a transformation to on prem servers to the Cloud, let Code St Louis take the work load off your development team and let us deliver that solution. Dont take 6 months to hire a dev team, the money just on the recruitment alone is a lot. Code St Louis will be up and cranking, DevOps, git Flow process, SDLC processes inplace and manage the entire with SAFe Agile methodology inside VersionOne for complete transparency
Do Human Resources, if you are a software provider for Human Resources your development team is keeping that system running adding new features customers asked for eccetera. Now you wanna combine al the small HR companies bought along the way, hire a team that does this day in and day out, all we do is transformations, system integrations, build applications everyday. We dont need spin up time need to learn a new language - We walk in, break the project down into initiatives and Epics, load into VersionOne and deliver your goals.

Let your company deliver HR Services let Code St Louis deliver solutions
If your company delivers packages or fleet management and the system is starting to grow old in age, do you hire new developers? You have a team of developers that know Transportation Industry, Code St Louis will transform your existing system to a new architecture, faster DevOps, train your team and let you get back to business. Being familiar with GIS, Vector Types vs Raster Types ESRI Enterprise, you can trust we will deliver the solution you're needing under budget and on time

Solution Managers

Brandon Twitty

Brandon Twitty

Solutions Architect

Over a decade of building and delivering enterprise solutions in almost every industry. Passionate about technology and validating the cutting edge products coming to market. Lets have a conversation Ill have a solution for it!

Customer Success Manager

David Kley

Pre Sales Engineer | Customer Success Manager

Ensure dead lines are kept, customers are happy, and the entire experience with Code St Louis is as expected. I have over a decade of business ownership and knows what it takes to deliver a solution and customer a good customer experience

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